I would like to thank you for taking the time in looking at That Blak Dress here online.

That Blak Dress has filtered through the time of fashion in many different classic styles, fabrics, and has been worn by many beautiful human bodies in this world.

After wearing an array of styles, colours, and enjoying the feel of many different fabrics, I found the classic style in classic colours has always been a keeper!

Originating from Sydney with over 30 years of passion, knowledge and experience in the line of Design & Patterns, Sewing, Style, Fabrics, Industry and Retail, and I would like to share this with others who appreciate the passion and/or who are learning this wonderful creativity.

There is a sense that sewing these days is now becoming an “Artform” and this is slowly disappearing in our daily lives. That Blak Dress will endeavour to obtain most textile resources within Australia.

My knowledge of sewing & design is the “old school” way and I will continue to do so that way, I am proud to make my patterns on mostly on Vintage paper!

May this online home of That Blak Dress be rejuvenated once again into our lively culture and may you reap the benefits of personally chosen fabrics to suit the classic style of attire made in Melbourne.


Katherine O’Regan




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